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International transport

Dry, fresh and frozen

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Experience and commitment

Established in 1968

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«Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking»

Transporte de mercancía perecedera

Transporte internacional de mercancías por carretera

Bienvenidos a la página web de Almansa Logistic, empresa dedicada al transporte internacional por carretera. Nuestra empresa nace en 2010 como continuación de la empresa Transer y anteriormente Pedro Serrano, constituida en 1950.
Somos expertos en transporte internacional por carretera de carga completa, ya sea de mercancía general, fresca o congelada.
El hecho de trabajar con flota propia nos permite ofrecer un servicio de alta calidad. La buena comunicación entre nuestro personal y nuestros clientes, proveedores y descargadores garantiza que todos estos actores involucrados estén informados de cualquier novedad en todo momento.

General cargo, fresh goods, frozen goods

Almansa Logistic has a fleet at its disposal, being both frigo trucks and tautliners. This enables us to transport all type of goods but more important, the fact that we work with our own trucks, allows us to achieve the highest quality standards, since we get direct information from our drivers or the onboard GPS System.

Every piece of information necessary to successfully execute every transport, can be shared with clients, drivers, loading and unloading places.

Import and export

We are specialized in transport of full loads. We ship trucks between the Iberian Peninsula and Europe on a daily basis.

Many European companies already book our service. People who work with us praise our way of working. They appreciate our communication skills.

Transporte internacional de mercancías
carga completa en camion frigorifico

Full load

We are aware that your company results are most important. We understand that our service can help to achieve your goals. Your goals are our focus.

In order to help you as much as we can, you get a direct contact within our company to enable communication. This person will attend in your language and will keep watch over your interests.