Our filosofy

Transer was converted into Frio Almansa and then Almansa Logistic. What began in 1968 as a familiy company with limited services, starts growing to an internationally respected company.

Our philosophy hasn´t changed during the years. Everything we do has only one goal being trying to achieve the highest quality standards. Another very important item is our staff. We try to create an atmosphere based on respect in order to help them grow on a personal and professional basis. The people who work at Almansa Logistic are the company.


To transport full loads through Europe, y try to make a difference being the best at it, thanks to high quality communication, high levels of control and follow up.


To grow as a company together with our staff, clients and providers, working as a team.


Relationships between people are very important for Almansa Logistic. We build relationships both internally and externally based on respect and modesty. We also believe that training is very important for the development of our staff and as such, of our company.